Aroostook Health Network (AHN)


The Aroostook Health Network will work collectively as one to remove barriers and improve healthcare access for Aroostook County residents.


Connecting Care in the County


The Aroostook Health Network (AHN) is a collaboration of Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP), Aroostook Agency on Aging (AAA) and Pines Health Services. The overarching goal of the AHN is to improve health and wellness for the people of Aroostook County by identifying goals and creating projects that utilize the unique skills of each organization in order to achieve those goals collaboratively.

This joint venture has improved access to dental services, created programs to assist Medicare recipients following hospital discharge, improved access to health and wellness programming in county schools, provided local educational training opportunities to health and social service employees throughout Aroostook, and assisted in the development of an online platform for streamlining Care Coordination Services.

The unique collaborative efforts between area health and social service organizations has proven to be of great benefit to the patients and clients we serve, and has only strengthened the existing Aroostook County determination to care for its people as a whole.

Key Stakeholders

Aroostook Health Network