Hospital-Based Physicians


Physicians who specialize in hospital medicine are called Hospitalists; the majority of Hospitalists are trained in Internal Medicine. They often first see patients after they are admitted to the hospital from the Emergency Room; or when a patient’s primary care provider determines that the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital. The Hospitalist is a member of the patient’s medical team and follows the patient's general medical care in the hospital until they are discharged.


Physicians who specialize in pathology are called Pathologists. Most patients will never meet the Pathologist when receiving health care services, but there is a strong likelihood that the Pathologist has been involved in the patient's care. Pathologists examine all tissue, fluid, and organ samples obtained during surgery, lab tests, and routine exams. They perform microscopic examinations and scientific analysis of the samples to determine whether the cells are healthy or abnormal.

To find a Pines Hospital-Based Physician, please visit the Our Providers page and sort by Specialty (Hospitalist or Pathology).

Dr. Jeffrey Hoeksma

Dr. Jeffrey Hoeksma