Community Health Needs Assessment

Our organization has performed a Community Health Needs Assessment to determine the health needs of the local community.

Data was gathered from multiple well-respected secondary sources to build an accurate picture of the current community and its health needs. A survey of a select group of Local Experts was performed to review the prior CHNA and provide feedback, and to ascertain whether the previously identified needs are still a priority. Additionally, the group reviewed the data gathered from the secondary sources and determined the Significant Health Needs for the community.

The 2019 Significant Health Needs identified for Aroostook County are:

  1. Drug and Alcohol Abuse – 2016 Significant Need
  2. Mental Health – 2016 Significant Need
  3. Obesity – 2016 Significant Need
  4. Cancer
  5. Tobacco Use – 2016 Significant Need
  6. Diabetes – 2016 Significant Need

We have developed implementation strategies for these six needs including activities to continue or pursue, community partners to work alongside, and measures to track progress.