Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement Program


The purpose of the Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement Program is to provide support to rural, primary care providers for planning and implementation of quality improvement activities via evidence-based practices that result in improved outcomes for patients, enhanced chronic disease management, and reductions in ED visits.

Pines Health Services is partnering with Community Care Partnership of Maine (CCPM), which consists of other Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) and community hospitals throughout the state of Maine. There are eight practice sites that make up the Community Care Partnership of Maine (CCPM) which is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), in which there is a sharing of expertise and resources. CCPM will be recruiting and managing the day-to-day activities of three staff members - two Performance Improvement Coaches (PI Coach) and one Quality Data Analyst - while Pines Health Services will be the fiscal agent and will exercise financial and programmatic administration of all grant-funded activities. The grant is a 3-year award of $200,000 per year, with the first year running from Augusts 1, 2016 through July 31, 2017.

Largely, this collaboration plans to incorporate an incentive which is to invest in technology to develop data tools capable to coordinate care for its patients, and working with other local health care agencies to work on individualized patient treatment plans. A strategy of periodic evaluation and use of Performance Improvement Measurement system to track program progress will also be implemented.

Key Stakeholders:

  • Cary Medical Center – Hospital
  • Millinocket Regional Hospital – Hospital
  • Mayo Regional Hospital – Hospital
  • St. Joseph Hospital – Hospital
  • Fish River Rural Health – FQHC
  • Pines Health Services – FQHC
  • Katahdin Valley Health Center – FQHC
  • Sebasticook Family Doctors – FQHC
  • Penobscot Community Health Care – FQHC
  • DFD Russel Medical Center – FQHC
  • Portland Community Health Center – FQHC
  • Nasson Health Care – FQHC