Care Management

Pines offers care management services free-of-charge to all Pines patients. Pines Care Managers are Registered Nurses who serve as advocates for our patients. They help patients and their families sort through options and resources. These caring individuals often coordinate multiple services to ensure each patient’s needs are met.

Pines Care Managers work with patients, their families, and medical team members to coordinate all aspects of patient care. They collaborate with all providers involved in a patient’s treatment to ensure the patient receives comprehensive care.

To learn more about Care Management at Pines Health Services, please call toll-free (800) 371-6240, or contact Pines Care Managers:

Caribou: Shelia Caron, RN 498-2356 ext: 2006
Lola Poirier 498-2356 ext: 2066
Presque Isle: Katie Brown, RN 769-2025 ext: 4572
Elena Cyr 769-2025 ext: 4571
Van Buren: Greta Ouellette, RN 868-2799 ext: 3059
Bonnie Pelletier 868-2799 ext: 3061