Jefferson Cary Cancer Center

In recent years, significant investments in technology have been made to enhance patient services, reduce the risk of medical errors, and to improve access to health information. In collaboration with the incredible team at Cary Medical Center, we’ve proven that you can have the most modern medical technology while providing personal, compassionate care. This high tech, high touch approach to healthcare separates Cary Medical Center from many hospitals in the United States. In fact, Cary Medical Center has been listed in the top 2% of hospitals in the nation for health information and patient safety technology

In 2014 Cary Medical Center continued its history of providing excellent service to the citizens of Caribou and surrounding areas by adding the new Jefferson Cary Cancer Center. Our Oncology program developed a new mission and vision to create a national model for rural oncology. Late in the year our Oncologists along with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Regen Gallagher visited with the New England Cancer Center in Portland. The goal of the visit was to introduce our team to the New England Specialty Group and expand resources for our program and the patients we serve.
Jefferson Cary Cancer Center

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163 Van Buren Rd, Suite 1
Caribou, ME 04736
Phone: (207) 498-1370
Fax: (207) 493-5136

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Monday-Friday 7:30-4:30